Smart control would provide you with a peace of mind instead of a burden. So it's smart in the right way, check it out

  • Energy efficient. Wireless protocols the system is based on are specially optimized for smart homes, working on 800-900 MHz radio frequency range
  • Security. All essential data are encrypted with AES-128 encryption
  • Speed. Smart control functions perform quickly. But when You control them from home, they are momentary
  • Local control. Even when Internet is down, functions will continue to operate in Your local network
  • Private. Your data stays at home, no one monitors Your acitivity outside

Smart Heating

You can remotely control the temperature; set the desired temperature for the whole house or individual zones.
Maintaining the set temperature in automatic mode depending on the user-created schedule and time. Intellectual "Away" mode can also be set to give You an absolute peace of mind, reducing the costs for heating while You are not at home. Remote power on and off. Heating unit condition check (on / off)
Using the Smart Heating benefits You can save up to 23 percent on combined heating and cooling costs, meanwile reducing CO2 emissions.

Smart Access - Smart Lock

No more lost, forgotten or broken keys. No more scrapped smartphone screens or keychain jingling. Using secure smart lock You have a full local and remote control. Open the door with an authorized smartphone
Open the door with the access code. You can set and assign a different codes to a user members
Quickly open or close the door with a special chip key
Generate access codes for trusted users with or without expiration

Video surveillance

Outdoor video surveillance
We decided to add to the security using some simple and user-frendly option of IP camera and the mobile App. It will allow You to receive a broadcast from the camera to your smartphone, record the broadcast, receive a movement notifications in "Armed" mode, set the security schedules and even communicate with your house visitors remotely using the built-in microphone and speaker

Lights and Power

Automatic lighting in the hallway at dusk or in the dark Automatic lighting in dark places (cabinets, shelves)Remote control of individual lamps Master Off function to turn off or on all lights at the same time Choose the light color and tone of lamps at your discretion Ability to remotely turn on or off connected devices Power consumption display of the device Status display (on / off)

Blind Control

Ability to remotely control the condition of the blinds in the living room and bedroom Ability to set a schedule of smart blinds functions Shows the status of the blinds position Optional features: Upon your request, the function of blinds automatically closing when exposed to intense sunlight is possible. This will protect furniture and personal items from unwanted sun exposure, as well as protect against overheating in summer

Fire safety

When the smoke detector is triggered, the siren is turned on On your mobile device, you receive a notification of the sensor activation wherever you are Optional features: When the smoke detector is triggered at night, the emergency light in the house automatically switches on, making it easier to move around
Leak detection

Leakage control

Water supply control functions: Water leakage sensors in the kitchen and toilet When a water leak is detected, you will receive a push message on your smartphone Possibility to remotely shut off the water supply, thus stopping the leak Optional features: The system automatically shuts off the water supply in the event of a system leak