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Tesla Camping House Plan

Camping House

Living area - 18.3 m2 Total area - 36.4 m2

Terrace - 18.1 m2

The interior comprises 1 bedroom with integrated wardrobe, living room area combined with kitchen, 3 piece bathroom suite. Combined kitchen and living room interior design creates an open space with a more comfortable environment for the daily activity, eliminates unnecessary movements while the table setting, dishes change, etc. The property further offers uPvc tripple glazed windows, front terrace area laid in wood creates a beautiful, natural bridge to the outdoors

House Features


Air Recuperation

Decentralized Recuperator type. Two airflows, separated from each other, pass through the copper heat exchanger, located inside the working module, allowing for air to travel in each direction simultaneously. Sensors will monitor CO2 level, humidity and temperature adjusting the fan speed to keep the air fresh, clean and pre-heated. Thanks to the advanced recuperation system, you will save up to 92% of the heat in your home


Smart Heating

Heating system are adjusted to the needs of the each project, for this house we choose a Fancoil. Its effective for smaller room , simple and deliver enough heat for any occasion. Heating can be remotely controlled from your smart phone, Web browser or Tablet. You can configure the heating preferences based on temperature, time scheduling and more

Smart Home Equipped

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